Dear Madam, dear Sir,

Since time immemorial, concepts such as protection, security and protection against evil are central in every family, however big or small it may be. Throughout history religion and superstition are often been an answer to the search for these basic needs.

Also at the time of the Romans, where Lares, a family of protection spirits, were honoured in exchange for protection and safety. At home they were honoured as the Lares familiares, especially one called, the Lar familiaris, the actual guardian spirit of the family, who blessed the house and its residents and protected them against evil spirits.

Even today, we appeal to guardian spirits, only we call them now prevention measures, pension savings, security systems, insurance, ... So we set our own Lares familiares together: a collection of the best measures for our home and our loved ones to protect them against evil and misfortune.

For us it’s a great honour to let us belong to your Lares familiares.

Jan Harboort
Manager Lares


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